BIO Wool Nursing Pads

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Organic wool nursing pads – 2p


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Nursing Pads – BIO Wool

set of 2 pieces

100% organic wool


Nursing pads are a very useful product throughout breastfeeding. Thanks to them we can easily maintain hygiene and relieve our sore nipples. Our nursing pads are made of organic wool, so they are antibacterial, have thermoregulatory properties and perfectly absorb excess fluid.

In addition, after a period of breastfeeding, we can use them later for another child or give them to friend who just became a mother, which reduces the production of waste – advantages only.


The materials used for the production of Magabi diapers are manufactured in Poland and the EU and have safety certificates.



About the item:

– diameter about 10cm

– made of two layers of woolen knitwear

– produced in line with the Zero Waste ideology

– made of 100% organic wool in natural color

– absorb up to 40% of their volume

– thanks to the lanolin content that degrades moisture, the pads can be used repeatedly

– after use, dry the pads

– thermoregulatory properties of wool help maintain proper body temperature

– wool and lanolin contained therein soothe the sensitive skin of the breast

– breasts remain dry, which helps in healing

– inserts ensure proper air circulation


Note! Nursing pads may not be sufficiently absorbent when unstabilized lactation, so we recommend buying more than one pair.


Care method:

– hand wash in max 30°C in a detergent for washing wool



100% organic wool


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