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WOOL SET 1+3: 1x woolen fabric cover s. S/M | 3x Bio-Frotte preflat 38.39 

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WOOL SET 1+3: 1x woolen fabric cover s. OS+ | 3x Bio-Frotte preflat


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Cover made of high-quality woolen fabric + 3 Bio-Frotte preflats

Shipping: up to 5 working days


Wool Fabric Covers - size guide

The table gives diaper measurements measured flat (or stretched if indicated in the description). They do not have to match the child's dimensions. Tolerance +/- 0,5cm

SizeMinimal lengthMaximum length (stretched)Minimum circumferenceMaximum circumferenceCrotch widthMaximum recommended insert width
OS (former MiniOS)284032501311
OS+ (former OS)314934651512


Woolen Fabric Cover

100% wool


Cover is the outer layer of a cloth diaper. It is to be used with absorbent inserts.

Wool has antibacterial, thermoregulatory and breathing properties, and the lanolin contained in it ensures impermeability of the diaper.


Bio-Frotte Preflat


Preflat is an absorbent insert in the form of a rectangle with long “ears” that can be folded like a diaper on which a waterproof layer is applied – for example wool or PUL covers. Proper folding of the preflat and placement of the booster (which is included in the set) according to the needs of your baby allows differentiation of the number of layers of absorbent material in different places of the diaper thanks to which, for example, we can control the width of the insert without any obstacles. And it is softer and more comfortable for a child than a muslin diaper and it is much easier to arrange it because unlike standard muslin flat, it is flexible.

Preflat is an ideal and simple solution for parents who are out of the way with muslin origami or, for example, for guardians who do not know the world of reuasble diapers yet.


Magabi’s woolen covers were made in Poland from Italian wool fabric.



About the item:

– SET 1 includes:

  • 1x  woolen fabric cover in size OS+, pattern 025 with snap fastening
  • 2x Bamboo-Cotton preflat in size L
  • 1x Bamboo-Cotton preflat in size M


Woolen fabric cover:

size OS+ fits from 6kg to approx. 18kg*

– maximum recommended width of the insert: 12cm

– can be customized to come with SIO system snaps – one on the front and one on the back –  for attaching SIO inserts and EasyMe inserts

– NOTE: Ordering SIO system snaps prevents eventual return of goods.

– NOTE: To order the insertion of SIO system snaps in the covers from this set, add THIS PRODUCT to your order in a quantity corresponding to the number of covers that are suppose to have SIO system snaps. Write in the customer’s comments which covers should have SIO snaps.

– the cover has an elastic band sewn on the tummy

– double layered

– recommended for use with inserts, muslin flats, prefolds

– the cover should be hung after use to dry and ventilate – reuse after drying. Wash only if required and before next lanolining.

–  the outer layer medium thick wool

– the inner layer of wool are thin


Bamboo-Cotton preflat:

– made of 2 layers (size S), 3 layers (size M) or 4 layers (size L) of bio cotton terry cloth – which remains soft and flexible after washing

– rounded corners

– the material does not become rough after washing

– due to its flexibility, the preflat has a greater ability to manipulate the size than the prefolds

– Weight range*: S: 3-7 kg; M: 7-12 kg; L: 12-18 kg


*The weight of the child is approximate and depends on the body structure.

NOTEWhen unfastening the snaps, always hold the material as close as possible to the snap to avoid damaging it.


Before the first use of woolen fabric cover:

– soak in water with vinegar, to prevent the colour from leaking

– wash at max 30°C in detergent for wool

– dry

– put in lanolin treatment

– rinse in cool water

The new cover may require to lanolining twice.


Care method of woolen fabric cover: 

hand wash at max 30°C in detergent for wool

– avoid rapid temperature changes

ventilate after use

– flat-dry

– do not use fabric softeners

– put in lanolin treatment again when leaks occur



100% wool


Care method of bamboo-cotton preflat:

– wash in max 60°C

– can be tumble dried

– do not iron

– do not use fabric softeners


Composition of bamboo-cotton preflat:

80% bamboo

20% organic cotton


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