Tron – Foldable Single-Use Potty For Children


Tron – foldable single-use potty for children when the toilet is unavailable

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Tron – foldable single-use potty for children

When the toilet is unavailable, it solves the problem of physiological needs of children in public places or on the road.


  • Easy in use: when your child needs a need, you simply unfold, use and fold.
  • Practical and functional: it works when you are with your child in a store, traveling, or on a shared trip.
  • Ecological: manufactured from environmentally friendly materials.
  • Safe and reliable: baby potty does not break, does not bend, does not tear up. Perfect in difficult situations.
  • Durable: the special design and material used make the potty easily withstand big pressure.
  • Foldable and compact: thanks to its small size, it can easily fit in every purse.
  • Extremely robust: maintains 30 kg of pressure!

The design of the TRON potty was meticulously tested by the independent Institute of Building Materials and Engineering at the Cracow University of Technology. The test results showed that the unfolded TRON easily withstands a pressure of 30 kg, and when the load is increased, the crushing of the vertical surfaces of the potty’s frame is controlled.

Watch the test!

  • Simple and easy to use: the disposable TRON potty is extremely practical. It easily fits in a woman’s purse or trousers. In comparison to other solutions, the TRON potty allows its use without the need to perform complicated tasks in its unfolding and folding.
  • With a super-absorbent insert: Effectively absorbs fluids and eliminates odors.

The potty is light, small, has a biodegradable, superabsorbable polymeric insert of SAP, which is valued primarily due to its unusual ability to absorb liquids and unpleasant odors. Thanks to this, the process of absorption and solidification takes place already at the moment of contact with liquid or soft substances.

The size of the insert used in the single-use potty TRON is able to absorb 250 ml of liquid in 30 seconds!

  • Safe and hygienic: Sealed after closing.

After use, a specially designed closing element allows you to quickly protect the contents of the TRON potty before getting out. As a result, a sufficiently high level of hygiene is maintained. To facilitate carrying, TRON has been equipped with additional foil holders, thanks to which we can easily move the potty like a small bag and limit the contact of the hand with the panty frame.

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