Stay-Dry layer for any Magabi insert


Have a Stay-Dry layer sewn onto any Magabi insert!

Attention! It may extend the shipping time of your order.



Stay-Dry Layer

If your baby cannot tolerate the feeling of moisture from the skin and you don’t like additional, loose Stay-Dry inserts, let us sew a Stay-Dry layer onto the insert of your choice!

About us!

All the materials used for the production of Magabi diapers are manufactured in Poland and the EU and have safety certificates.


About item:

– by adding 1 piece of this product to your cart, you order the stay-dry layer to be sewn onto one insert that is in your order

– write in the “customer comments” which inserts we should sew which stay-dry layers

– you choose one specific material in the product (mayka, fleece or velour)

– stay-dry layer can be sewn to any Magabi inserts – EasyMe inserts, SIO inserts, standard and long inserts

– ordering a stay-dry layer sewn onto the insert may extend the shipping time of the order

STAY-DRY materials:

    • Mayka – is a soft thermoregulative knitted fabric with a honeycomb texture. It gives a moderate feeling of moisture and freshness to the child’s skin so it’s perfect in summer. (100% polyester)
    • Fleece – a pleasant to the touch fabric knit with a fuzz that wicks moisture very well, leaving your child’s skin dry. Works best in the summer. Fleece can peel. (100% polyester)
    • Suede – sensational moisture management, leaves your child’s skin dry. It is easy to clean. It’s a bit stiffer than Mayka and Fleece but still soft to the touch. Suitable for both summer and winter. (100% polyester)

Care method:

– follow the insert care instructions


stay-dry layer – 100% polyester

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