Disposable liners, DISANA, 100 sheets


Disana liners are high-quality cellulose inserts for reusable diapers.

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100 sheets

Disana liners are high-quality cellulose inserts for reusable diapers. Liners let the liquid through while retaining solids, which will help keep diapers clean. Thanks to them, baby’s skin is drier and healthier!

What distinguishes Disana liners? No harmful chemicals were used in their production, making them safe for the child. Disana liners are 100% biodegradable. Their production uses wood pulp, which makes them very resistant to tearing!


About the item:

– disposable liners*, biodegradable.

– easy in use, just put them on an insert (by baby’s bottom)

– liners help maintaining the diaper clean

– catching even the milk poop.

– the used paper can be flushed in the toilet along with the contents

saves time – throw out instead of doing the pre wash!

– thanks to them, the skin of a baby is more dry and healthier.

– size: 16×36

– one roll- 100 sheets


* The liners can be re-used if they have been stained only with urine or a milk poop. They can be washed several times!


How to use? 

Place the paper on the reusable diaper next to the baby’s bottom. You can throw used paper into the toilet or the bin. With smaller children, you can cut the paper in half, but do not fold it, as it may impede moisture passage!

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