Wings for any Magabi insert


Have the wings sewn on to any Magabi insert!

Attention! It may extend the shipping time of your order.



Are the inserts with wings that prevent leaks best for you?
Do you want any Magabi insert to have wings, even though they were not originally there?

Order us to sew in the wings!


– by adding 1 item of this product to the basket, you order the wings to be sewn to one insert, which is already in your order

– write in “comments from the client” to which inserts we should attach wings

– wings can be attached to any Magabi inserts – EasyMe inserts, SIO inserts, standard and long inserts

– ordering wings to be sewn on may extend the delivery time of the order


NOTE! Adding wings to the insert may narrow its weight range – depending on the child’s build, they may not be sufficient for heavier children (however, within the weight range of the insert without wings)


All the materials used for the production of Magabi diapers are manufactured in Poland and the EU and have safety certificates.



Care method:

– follow the insert care instructions


wings – 100% polyester


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