Washing Liquid for wool and delicate fabrics, Winni’s Naturel 750ml


Washing liquid for wool and delicate fabrics.


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Winni’s Wash Liquid for wool and delicate fabrics

Pink flowers scent 750 ml


Wash liquid for wool and delicate fabrics with pink flowers scent.

Its natural formula makes it suitable for wool, silk, underwear and delicate fabrics. It leaves a pleasant fragrance.

Surfactants in this liquid are quickly and completely biodegradable.

Thanks to their plant origin, surfactants are converted into natural substances by microorganisms in water.

Hypoallergenic: its formula was developed in such a way to reduce the risk of allergy. Does not contain phosphor, nor colorants.





  • Dosage for 4,5kgs of laundry (1 cap = 30ml): from 1 to 3 + 1/3 depending on water hardness and the degree of soiling. This dosage is also applicable to hand wash.


Directions for use: Do not overload the washing machine. Wash as recommended on the label. Use a slow spin programme. Dry in the shade, away from direct heat sources.

composition: 5-15%: anionic surfactants, non-ionic surfactants. Less than 5% : soap. Others: fragrance, methylisothiazolinone, benzisothiazolinone.

Packaging is recyclable.

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