Washing liquid for babies and people with sensitive skin, SENSITIV SONETT, 120ml


Ecological washing liquid SENSITIV

100% biodegradable


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Ecological washing liquid SENSITIV



120 ml


About the item:

Due to their composition, SONETT products are extremely gentle to the skin. Even if trace amounts remain on the washed textiles or cleaned surfaces, the risk of skin irritation or allergic reactions is very small. One of the most important causes of allergic reactions to conventional washing and cleaning products is the synthetic fragrances they contain. SONETT uses only natural essential oils, 90% of which come from controlled organic farming.

The product is EcoGarantie and EcoControl certified.


Information for allergy sufferers:

  • only plant surfactants,
  • no petrochemicals,
  • no fragrances,
  • complexing and dyeing additives,
  • no preservatives for white and colored fabrics,
  • completely biodegradable


The product does not contain: 

  • petrochemical raw materials
  • synthetic fragrances
  • synthetic dyes
  • synthetic preservatives
  • genetically modified raw materials
  • enzymes
  • phosphates
  • optical brighteners
  • animal fats and other raw materials from dead animals



• 100% rapeseed oil soap from controlled organic farming – very effective in washing and stain removal, but gentle on fabrics

• surfactants and alcoholic sulphate solution obtained from coconut oil, vegetable starch and polysaccharides; thanks to them, the cleaning effect of the soap is used to the maximum extent even in water with a high degree of hardness

• vegetable alcohol

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Additional information

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