Snappi diaper fastener s. 1 (13cm)


Snappi clip is used for strapping prefolds and terry diapers


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Snappi diaper fastener

size 1


This colorful clip is used to fasten diapers that do not have their own fasteners, eg prefolds, some fitted and terry diapers.

It is a modern and safer replacement for safety pins.


Snappi is flexible and does not restrict the child’s movements.

At each end of the Snappi, you find “safe hooks” that attach to the fabric of the diaper, effectively holding it on the child. The hooks can be protected with a rubber cover located on each of them. The cover is also used for convenient snappi fastening – this is what we pull on.


Additional information

Additional information

Kolor Snappi

Orange, Gray, White, Pastel green, Mint, Baby blue, Blue, Dark violet, Purple, Lavender, Pastel pink, Yellow, Peach, Red

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