Preflat Bio-Frotte

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Bio-Frotte Preflat – can be snapped with a snappi or fold as an insert.


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Preflats - size guide

Diapers are measured flat. Natural materials may shrink after washing up to approx. 10%

Tolerance +/- 1cm

Size Lenght Width Total width/length of the ears
S 30 20 40/5
M 37 23 50/6
L 45 27 57/7


Bio-Frotte Preflat


Preflat is an absorbent insert in the form of a rectangle with long “ears” that can be folded like a diaper on which a waterproof layer is applied – for example wool or PUL covers. Proper folding of the preflat and placement of the booster (which is included in the set) according to the needs of your baby allows differentiation of the number of layers of absorbent material in different places of the diaper thanks to which, for example, we can control the width of the insert without any obstacles. And it is softer and more comfortable for a child than a muslin diaper and it is much easier to arrange it because unlike standard muslin flat, it is flexible.

Preflat is an ideal and simple solution for parents who are out of the way with muslin origami or, for example, for guardians who do not know the world of reuasble diapers yet.


The materials used for the production of Magabi diapers are manufactured in Poland and the EU and have safety certificates.



About the item:

– made of 2 layers (size S), 3 layers (size M) or 4 layers (size L) of bio cotton terry cloth – which remains soft and flexible after washing

– rounded corners

– the material does not become rough after washing

– we offer 3 sizes of preflats: S, M and L

– due to its flexibility, the preflat has a greater ability to manipulate the size than the prefolds

Note! Before buying, we recommend that you check the “Dimensions” subpage, which is just above the product description for the exact dimensions of the inserts.

Note! Absorbent instert trimmed with natural materials, must gain the absorbency in the washing. To accelerate this process, we recommend to soak the insert in water with a simple washing-up liquid (without lotions).

Weight range*:

S: 3-7 kg

M: 7-12 kg

L: 12-18 kg

*the given range is indicative – it all depends on the child’s build

What distinguishes the Bio-Frotte fabric?

  • Terry cloth is a type of material with a characteristic loop texture, thanks to which it is very absorbent and soft – it also remains after washing.
  • Bio cotton – certified organic cotton – no pesticides or harmful chemicals are used during the process of cultivating. The cultivation and production process is ethical and ecological at every stage. Bio cotton contains a lot of natural oils, which must be rinsed in the laundry to make the material absorbent (5-6 washes). The long-soaking between washing in warm water with dishwashing liquid and simple washing at high temperature speeds up the process (60 degrees).


Care method:

– wash in max 60°C

– can be tumble dried

– do not iron

– do not use fabric softeners



100% bio cotton

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Additional information

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