Nishove merino wool dungarees – longies/cover for reusable diapers – solid color – choose your own color!

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Wool cover in a form of dungarees made with 100% wool

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Pastel Blue
Baby Blue
Light Sea Blue
Bright Mint
Pastel Green
Neon Green
Dark Gray-Brown
Brick Red
Foxy Red
Violet Indigo
Light Lavender
Silver Gray
Light Gray

Wool Soakers and Longies - size guide

The table gives diaper measurements measured flat (or stretched if indicated in the description). They do not have to correspond to the child's dimensions. Tolerance +/- 2cm

SizeLength to the crotchHips widthWelt width/lengthLeg length (from the crotch to the end of the welt)Leg welt/leg lengthLeg welt/leg width
Shorties NB201710/8-46
Shorties S242011/9-56,5
Shorties M292313/9,5-67
Shorties L322616/11-77,5
Shorties XL362918/12-88,5
Longies NB221910/81545/7
Longies S252211/9174,56/8
Longies M292613/9,5245,56/10
Longies L322916/112967/11
Longies XL363218/123478/11,5


Merino wool dungarees

100% merino

Nishove wool dungarees are a product intended for reusable diapers, but they can also work as pants to be used with disposable diapers.

Extensively cut “bottom” makes that under the pants will fit any fitted diaper. It will not oppress and restrict the toddler’s movements. Dungarees are designed to last longer than traditional longies. They have a roll-up leg and a multi-stage snaps fastening on the braces.

Nishove dungarees are an excellent choice for children who do not like to sleep under the cover at night or are digging up. Two layers of warm wool will act as a “sleeping bag”.

Pants treated with lanolin become hydrophobic and will repel moisture escaping from the night time fitted diapers for a few weeks. Before lanolin treatment, the clothes should be washed.

Why wool?

Wool has antibacterial, thermoregulatory and breathing properties, and the lanolin contained in it ensures impermeability of the diaper, which makes our longies perfect for any weather and season.

About us!

Nishove wool products are designed and made in Poland from Italian merino wool, which is characterized by extraordinary softness and delicacy.
The knitwear we use for production comes from our own knitting place!


About the item:

– woolen dungarees have a unique and well-thought-out cut

– long welts that can be folded

– very flexible

very delicate wool

double layered in the body zone

– perfect for night and day

– we offer a large selection of colors – the currently available merino wool colors can be found HERE

Dimensions of individual sizes:

  • Size 1: smallest total length* 40 cm, largest total length** 50 cm (for a child wearing clothes about 56-68/74 cm)
  • Size 2: smallest total length 53, largest total length 64 (for a child wearing clothes about 74-80/86 cm)
  • Size 3: smallest total length 61, largest total length 73 (for a child wearing clothes about 86-98/104 cm)
  • Size 4: smallest total length 73, largest total length 87 (for a child wearing clothes about 110-116/122 cm per)

* measured with the snap on the braces fully fastened and the leg tucked up to the maximum
** measured with the snap on the braces fully open and the leg open as far as it will go

Before the first use:

– wash at max 30°C in detergent for wool

– soak in water with vinegar, to prevent the colour from bleeding

– dry

– put in lanolin treatment

– wash at max 30°C in detergent for wool

A new cover may require double lanolining.

Care method: 

– avoid rapid temperature changes

– flat-dry

– do not use fabric softeners

 – use lanolin treatment again when needed


100% wool

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Additional information

Additional information

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Pastel Blue, Baby Blue, Blue, Light Sea Blue, Bright Mint, Pastel Green, Neon Green, Dark Gray-Brown, Aubergine, Brick Red, Foxy Red, Orange, Lilac, Violet Indigo, Lavender, Light Lavender, Silver Gray, Light Gray