Night Time Fitted Diaper Bio-Frotte s. OS – “Herbarium” – snaps

The night time fitted diaper is perfect for overnight and longer naps.

Weight range: 6-17kg.


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Fitted Diapers - size guide

The table gives diaper measurements measured flat (or stretched if indicated in the description). They do not have to match the child's dimensions. Fitted Diapers shrink in washing by approx. 10%. Tolerance +/- 0,5 cm

SizeLength measured flat (snap on the smallest/widest size)Maximum length (stretched)Minimum circumferenceMaximum circumferenceCrotch widthMaximum recommended insert width
Fitted Diaper s. NB20/25351438108
Fitted Diaper s. S/M25/30402242119
Fitted Diaper s. OS30/354926581411
Fitted Diaper with Pocekt s. OS28/325230601210


Night Time Fitted Diaper

bio cotton


Fitted Diaper is an insert that is an absorbent layer of a diaper on its own and consists of several layers of cotton – without a waterproof layer. The set has an absorbent insert, so it is often absorbent by itself to last all night long. The molding has a pocket with access from both sides, so you can easily add boosters or additional inserts to increase absorption if necessary.
It is simple and intuitive to use, making it a good start for new parents and carers.

The fitted diapers do not have a waterproof layer, so it is necessary to wear a PUL cover or wool cover (OS cover, shorties or longs).

The fitted diaper + woolen cover is a great solution for night time!


The materials used for the production of Magabi diapers are manufactured in Poland and the EU and have safety certificates.



About the item:

– universal size ONE SIZE, fits from approx. 6kg up to approx. 17kg*

– bio cotton terry cloth – it remains soft and flexible after washing

– maximum recommended width of the insert: 11cm

– narrow and comfortable

– have a pocket that helps to keep the insert in it’s place

– large size adjustment

– fastening with snaps

– without frills

– seamless

– the tongue/insert can be sewn from the front of the diaper, attached with snaps, or added separately.


* The weight of the child is approximate and depends on the body structure.

Note! Always hold the material when opening the snaps to avoid damaging it.


Note! Absorbent instert trimmed with natural materials, must gain the absorbency in the washing. To accelerate this process, we recommend to soak the insert in water with a simple washing-up liquid (without lotions).

What distinguishes the Bio-Frotte fabric?

  • Terry cloth is a type of material with a characteristic loop texture, thanks to which it is very absorbent and soft – it also remains after washing.
  • Bio cotton – certified organic cotton – no pesticides or harmful chemicals are used during the process of cultivating. The cultivation and production process is ethical and ecological at every stage. Bio cotton contains a lot of natural oils, which must be rinsed in the laundry to make the material absorbent (5-6 washes). The long-soaking between washing in warm water with dishwashing liquid and simple washing at high temperature speeds up the process (60 degrees).


Care method:

– wash in max 60°C

– can be tumble dried

– do not iron

– do not use fabric softeners



inner layer: 100% bio cotton

outer layer: 92% cotton 8% elastane

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