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Merino Wool Longies s. M – melange – olive green/wine red


Knitted cover made of 100% merino wool in the form of trousers – longies

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Wool Soakers and Longies - size guide

The table gives diaper measurements measured flat (or stretched if indicated in the description). They do not have to correspond to the child's dimensions. Tolerance +/- 2cm

Size Length to the crotch Hips width Welt width/length Leg length (from the crotch to the end of the welt) Leg welt/leg length Leg welt/leg width
Shorties NB 20 17 10/8 - 4 6
Shorties S 24 20 11/9 - 5 6,5
Shorties M 29 23 13/9,5 - 6 7
Shorties L 32 26 16/11 - 7 7,5
Shorties XL 36 29 18/12 - 8 8,5
Longies NB 22 19 10/8 15 4 5/7
Longies S 25 22 11/9 17 4,5 6/8
Longies M 29 26 13/9,5 24 5,5 6/10
Longies L 32 29 16/11 29 6 7/11
Longies XL 36 32 18/12 34 7 8/11,5


Wool Cover – Longies

100% merino


Wool longies are the impermeable layer and can be used with terry or fitted diapers, which makes them very easy to use. They also do not need to be washed as often as other diapers, when they get wet, they just need to be aired and reused. This is because the lanolin in the wool fibers breaks down the urine into salts and water which evaporates.

Well lanoed longies and a fitted diaper are the best and most reliable options for leak free nights!

Why wool?

Wool has antibacterial, thermoregulatory and breathing properties, and the lanolin contained in it ensures impermeability of the diaper, which makes our shorties perfect for any weather and season. In addition, Magabi woolen covers are both very delicate and soft and aesthetic – you choose the perfect combination of colors.

To be sure of the choice of colors, we recommend ordering wool samples to see how our wool looks and feels live :)


Magabi’s woolen covers were made in Poland from Italian merino wool, which is known for its extraordinary softness and delicacy.



About the item:

– available immediately! :)

– unique and thoughtful cut

– long welts

very flexible

– no seam on the tummy

very delicate wool

– double layered

– perfect for night and day


Note : When combining very light and very dark colors of wool, there is a risk of light dyeing through the fabric. To avoid this possibility, it is recommended to rinse the cover thoroughly with vinegar before using it for the first time.


Weight range of sizes

MINI – 2-3 kg

NB – 3-5 kg

S – 5-7 kg

M – 7-10 kg

L – 10-14 kg

XL – >14 kg


Before the first use:

– wash at max 30°C in detergent for wool

– soak in water with vinegar, to prevent the colour from bleeding

– dry

– put in lanolin treatment

– wash at max 30°C in detergent for wool

A new cover may require double lanolining.


Care method: 

– avoid rapid temperature changes

– flat-dry

– do not use fabric softeners

 – use lanolin treatment again when needed



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Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Color 1

Azure, Apple Green, Dark Gray-Brown, Fuchsia, Ruby Red

Color 2

Azure, Dark Gray-Brown, Fuchsia, Ruby Red


NB, S, M, L, XL

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