Insert with wings Cotton – size 2


A cotton insert intended for newborns.

size approx. 3-6kg


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Inserts - size guide

Inserts from natural materials shrink in the wash, so their dimension before washing is larger than in the table.

Tolerance +/- 0,5cm

SizeCrotch widthMaximum widthLength
Insert size NB 18824,5
Insert size NB 29927,5
Insert with wings size 181022
Insert with wings size 28,51125
Insert with wings size S91228
Insert with wings size M9,5330
Long Insert NB9950
Insert size S101029
Insert size M10,510,533
Insert size L111136
SIO Insert size S101329
SIO Insert size M10,514,533
SIO Insert size L111636
Long Insert size NB8850
Long Insert size OS111170
Long Insert Wide-Back size NB91650
Long Insert Wide-Back size OS102070
Booster Mini8810
Booster Standard9924
Booster ULTRA size NB7720
Booster ULTRA size 19925
Booster ULTRA size 2101030


Insert with wings


A newbor insert with elastic wings sewn in, which by wrapping the legs of the child are designed to protect the cover from soiling.


The materials used for the production of Magabi diapers are manufactured in Poland and the EU and have safety certificates.



About the item:

size 2, fits from 3kg to approx. 6kg*

– length before washing: about 26cm (shrinks about 10%)

– has a SIO snap, that can be attached to any NB cover

– the snap can be covered

– 5 layers of cotton

– anatomical shape and stitching

– the material does not become rough after washing


* The weight of the child is approximate and depends on the body structure.

Which cotton to choose?

  • Bio cotton – certified organic cotton – no pesticides or harmful chemicals are used during the process of cultivating. The cultivation and production process is ethical and ecological at every stage. Bio cotton contains a lot of natural oils, which must be rinsed in the laundry to make the material absorbent (5-6 washes). The long-soaking between washing in warm water with dishwashing liquid and simple washing at high temperature speeds up the process ( 60 degrees).
  • Normal cotton – considerably faster gains absorption than bio cotton, but is not organic (1-2 washing).


Care method:

– wash in max 60°C

– can be tumble dried

– do not iron

– do not use fabric softeners



100% cotton

wings 100% polyester

Additional information

Additional information

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