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Hand sanitizer – alcohol based – ANTISEPTUS PLUS 500ml

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Antiseptus Plus is a high quality liquid for hygienic hand disinfection.

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Antiseptus Plus hand sanitizer

with antibacterial effect

500 ml

Hand disinfection during illness is a must. It allows you to remove germs much more effectively than washing your hands with traditional soap.

Antiseptus Plus is a high-quality liquid for hygienic hand disinfection. Its composition is based on alcohol. The product is dosed directly onto the skin. It can be used by both adults and children (necessarily in the presence of guardians).

After use, you do not need to rinse it off the skin. This product is used in homes, hospitals, offices, beauty salons, schools, factories, gas stations and public toilets. 

Within 5 minutes at 20 degrees Celsius, the product exhibits bactericidal activity against:

– Escherichia coli PCM 1144 = ATCC 10536

– Enterococcus hirae PCM 2559 = ATCC 10541

– Staphylococcus aureus PCM 2602 = ATCC 6538

– Pseudomonas aeruginosa PCM 2563 = ATCC 15442


How do you dispense?

Apply a small amount of gel to your hands, then rub them against each other for about 30s, not forgetting about the spaces between your fingers. Leave it to dry completely. The preparation does not require rinsing.

Active Substances:

ETHANOL 76.8g / 100g

The product is intended for use without dilution or rinsing.

DANGER! Causes serious eye irritation. Highly flammable liquid and vapor. If medical advice is needed, show container and label. Keep away from children. Read the label carefully before use.


Security measures:

  • in case of eye contact: rinse cautiously with water for about 15 minutes keeping eyelids wide open. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue to rinse. Avoid strong water stream (due to risk of corneal damage). If disturbing symptoms occur, contact an ophthalmologist.
  • in case of fire: use ABC type powder extinguisher to extinguish. Dispose of contents / container in accordance with applicable national regulations.
  • in case of inhalation: in case of exposure move the victim to fresh air. Ensure warmth and peace. If you feel unwell, contact your doctor.
  • in contact with skin: product intended for skin contact. In case of alarming symptoms, rinse hands thoroughly with water and consult a doctor.
  • after swallowing: do not induce vomiting. Rinse mouth with water. Contact a physician. Dispose of contents / container to appropriate labeled waste containers in accordance with national regulations.

No side effects other than those resulting from the classification have been found.

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