Anhydrous Lanolin (PES)

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Lanolin for lanolining wool covers and daily skin care

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Cosmetic Lanolin (anhydrous)


Lanolin is fat obtained from sheep’s wool. In addition to pro-health properties (ointment for cracking nipples, moisturizer of the skin, hair and nails, treatment of diaper rash) lanolin is used for lanolining the wool covers, wool shorties and longies – it makes the wool impervious to moisture. So that one cover can be used and washed many times before you will have to use lanolin again.


Our product is extremely safe due to the reduced amount of allergens :)

You need about one teaspoon of lanolin for one treatment.


A recipe for a home-made lanolining can be found here:



About the item:

– lanolin with reduced content of alergenes

– aesthetic packaging made of sturdy plastic – reusable

useful when caring for a child (sores, diaper rash, dry skin, skin problems)

– helpful when carring for nipples while breastfeeding

awesome for moisturizing skin, hair and nail renewal

– and above all, excellent for maintaining the waterproofness of woolen covers

– best before: 12.2024


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