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Absorbent insert for EasyMe and Comfort Covers s. 5 – one-piece body + booster + stay-dry layer – mayka


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The absorbent core is part of a reusable diaper that absorbs moisture, which is undoubtedly the most important element of any diaper.

The EasyMe absorbent insert is perfectly matched to the body. Attach the insert to the EasyMe cover for nappies and see how convenient it can be to use reusable nappies!

When you buy 1 item, you will receive 1 complete absorbent insert (1x insert + 1 booster)

Shipping: up to 5 working days

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EasyMe - size guide

The table gives diaper measurements measured flat (or stretched if indicated in the description). They do not have to match the child's dimensions.

Tolerance +/- 1 cm

SizeLength measured flatMaximum lenght (stretched)Minimum circumferenceMaximum circumferencepanCrotch widthInsert lengthInsert widthBooster length/width
0/1 (2,5-5kgs)20281842920911,5/6
2/3 (4-7kgs)223225501127,51015,5/7
4 (6-10kgs)2440285612311020/8
5 (9-16kgs)264430621433,51121,5/8
6 (>14kgs)2848346414381325/8,5


Additional EasyMe Insert

The absorbent insert is part of a reusable diaper that absorbs moisture. It is undoubtedly the most important element of any diaper. The EasyMe absorbent core fits perfectly to the body. Attach the insert to the EasyMe cover with nappies and see for yourself how convenient it is to use reusable nappies!


By buying 1 item you will receive one complete EasyMe insert (1x insert + 1x booster)


Why do I need extra inserts?

Spare absorbent inserts are a very useful thing! Why?

  • First of all – if the cover is clean and not soaked, you can only replace the absorbent insert with new one and reuse the body.

  • Secondly, a spare pad is useful when the rest of the pads are washed or not yet dry.

Third – in many cases the economical diapering option with EasyMe diapers works great! It consists in changing the size of the inserts to a larger one, without changing the size of the body. By using a smaller size insert in a larger cover – you can start using it earlier than the diaper weight range provides! Thanks to this, you can save even more money, and the diapers will last longer to your baby!

About the item:

  • the insert is sewn without a tunnel inside, single-layer body
  • it has a sewn-in stay-dry layer – mayka


– EasyMe absorbent inserts are available in 5 sizes, corresponding to the size of disposable diapers

– The absorbent insert is designed to be attached to the body of the EasyMe diaper

SIO snaps system in the body of the diaper to attach a dedicated EasyMe insert

– To increase diaper’s absorbency, just add a booster (smaller insert) to the main insert

– The insert is made of an innovative ULTRA fabric, covered from both sides with a soft bamboo-bio cotton fabric

– Carefully chosen fabrics make the diaper highly absorbent and remain soft even after dozens of washing cycles

– Inserts in sizes 0/1 and 2/3 have practical wings – sides that protect against leakage in smaller children

– Sizes 4, 5 and 6 are intended for larger babies, so their inserts do not have wings

  • There is a option to sew wings to inserts in size 4, 5 and 6 – click HERE

– Inserts in size 4, 5 and 6 are consists of two parts sewn together at the tops due to better arrangement in the cover and to speed up the drying process

– the inserts can be tumble dried!


*The weight of the child is approximate and depends on the body structure.

Note! Always hold the material when opening the snaps to avoid damaging it.

Would you like to learn more about the EasyMe reusable diapers?

Be sure to read the article: “Meet EasyMe diapers!”


Care method:

– wash in max 60°C

– inserts can be tumble dried

– do not iron

– do not use fabric softeners



outside – 80% bamboo 20% organic cotton

 inside – 70% polyester 30% polyamide

All the materials used for the production of Magabi diapers are manufactured in Poland and the EU and have safety certificates.


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